Setting Nonprofit Communication Goals & Objectives

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Being strategic with your content and more broadly your communications is a GOOD thing! It means that you're aligning our micro actions with the bigger picture, and that’s more likely to help you reach your goals. 

There are lots of communications goals you could set for your non-profit. Your goals could support branding, community engagement, advocacy, program recruitment, or fundraising. Here’s a few examples of communications goals we've worked on in the past:

  • Positioning an organization as an industry and issue area expert

  • Recruiting new program participants 

  • Building and engaging community to support an advocacy position

Many organizations we work with on communications planning set communications goals for raising awareness for their cause or issue area. This is easily one of our least favorite communications goals because most organizations do not set good metrics for measuring this. 

That brings us to a communications planning tip -- whatever goal you set, it must be measurable. We find that the broad goal itself may not be measurable on its own, but that’s where objectives come in. For instance, if we were working with the goal of positioning an organization as an industry and issue area experts, here’s a few measurable objectives we could set:

  • Being invited to speak at 3 community events related to the issue area

  • Receiving 5 in-bound requests from the media for interviews 

  • Getting consistent feedback from our community about our organization through an end of year survey

By setting a goal and objectives, we can start to see how what we do on a monthly basis can support the bigger picture. That’s what strong alignment looks like! We'd love to hear about what communications goals you’re currently working towards. Leave a comment below to share your top communications goal. 


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