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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Worthy Design Co. has a brand-new home on the internet! Here’s a bit more about who we are, how we approach a project, and why you should chose to work with us.

Who we are

Addressing the challenges organizations and humanity face today, calls for new thinking and new ways of measuring success. We're proud to be working with a range of bold organizations that take their purpose and meaning seriously. Worthy design studio wants to help you tell your story. We specialize in creating exceptional brands, communications, and experiences that will engage your audience(s) and connecting you with your missions and values to increase social impact.

Our approach

We genuinely believe in the power of doing what's right, which is why we seek out organizations that have the possibility and the resources to make a significant and lasting impact: today and for future generations. With a clear purpose and a value-driven approach to identity creation, we know how to breathe life into the new, and how to connect organizations with audiences in authentic and genuine ways.

Let's get to work

We want to have a positive impact on people and the planet through our work. This mindful concern about the state of things, and the need to act with determination, characterizes our everyday decisions. Let’s create the change we want to see, together!

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